The darkly decadent, horrifically succulent final line up of contributors for the upcoming Blood Pudding Press special multi-writer project ECTOPLASMIC NECROPOLIS has now been determined.

The dreadfully provocative morsels to be included were dredged forth from the brains, lips, and fingers of:

Aimee DeLong, Shane Allison, Eddie Watkins, Nava Fader, Rebecca Loudon, Candace Turlington, Brian Foley, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Ken Pobo, Suzanne Grazyna, Andrew Lundwall, Adam Fieled, J.R. Pearson, John Moore Williams, murmurists, Rachel Lisi, Brooklyn Copeland, Susan Slaviero, AnnMarie Eldon, Melissa Severin, John Rocco, Nicole Cartwright Denison, Donora Hillard, Jayne Pupek, Sean Kilpatrick, Sharon Zetter, Jeff Roberts, Daniela Olszewska, Juliet Cook, and Rachel Kendall.

Prepare yourself to experience the deliciously disturbing offerings of these thirty vessels of creepy/yummy creativity.