A NEW Review of Juliet Cook's poetry chapbook, CONTORTED DOOM CONVEYOR!

Also appearing in the Winter 2024 Issue of Misfit Magazine is a review of Juliet Cook's poetry chapbook, Contorted Doom Conveyor (Gutter Snob Books, 2023)!

Thank you very much to Alan Catlin for this uniquely wonderful review!

"So how do you know you are in the crazy world of Juliet Cook? Just step onto the doom conveyor belt and you enter a world of dolls, pieces of them, whole ones, effigies, doll graveyards, of a sort, and well just about anything you can think of short of Anne’s porcelain doll collection (Anne as in Anne Rice who famously collected some pretty scary ones). Basically, Juliet’s world is one of hallucinatory conjunctions, Bob Dylan surreality from his early Rimbaud infused years, sick bags, like Nick Cave, free floating dread like being in a David Cronenberg movie, watching a “Naked Lunch” while lying on Freud’s couch ( Sigmund or Lucien’s, take your pick), under the influence of a peyote dream, high flying whiles suffering new pill side effects. Juliet’s voice is decidedly and uniquely her own. I love it."

Read more reviews in the latest Misfit HERE - http://misfitmagazine.net/archive/No-37/received.html

Get a copy of Contorted Doom Conveyor HERE - https://www.magicaljeep.com/product/doom/140

Or get a copy directly from Cook (via the Blood Pudding Press shop) HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/1527609127/new-contorted-doom-conveyor-a-poetry


And also appearing within this Winter issue of Misfit (as noted in the blog post below this one) is a new poem by Juliet Cook and two new collaborative poems by Daniel G. Snethen and Juliet Cook HERE - http://misfitmagazine.net/archive/No-37/cook&snethen.html

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