New! Juliet Cook's poem "Passenger Seat" in Issue 1 of DEAD SKUNK!

This violent encompassment tears off hinges, cracks open

the driver's side window, hurls the passenger

into a panic attack, heart palpitations,

internal screams, space crowded with people who don't care

I am delighted to have my poem "Passenger Seat" appearing within Issue 1 of DEAD SKUNK!

Part of the poem appears above.
You can read the rest HERE - https://www.deadskunkmag.com/passengerseatjulietcook

You can read all the other smelly stuff in Issue 1 too HERE - https://www.deadskunkmag.com/issue1


Happy Spooky October from Thirteen Myna Birds! A New flock is here to haunt you!

Happy October from Thirteen Myna Birds! A new flock is here to haunt the walls of your brains, offering poetry and art by Jason O'Toole, Daniel Snethen, MISH Murphy, John Maurer, David P. Miller, John Grey, and Malachi Ray Adkins!

"As soon as I sleep, I forget to be positive - vociferous soul-catcher screeching - From hating the lack of love - To loving every bit of hate - still in my hometown driving past cemeteries - strip carcasses bare recycling death unto life - are you sure your mouse finger twitched on the link we told you to twitch? - Might be you don’t have prior experience being human - happiness is a hollow goal - The orange ball wasn’t. Then all at once was and there it is - I’m not allowed to betray what that means - Pumpkin squats on porch and continues to die - Do books go to heaven? Or even hell? - If a book can ascend can it also be murdered? - Who would have thought that little black book would turn out to be great black night..."

Read it HERE - https://13myna.blogspot.com/


Special Blood Pudding Press chapbook birthday sale this week!

The Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, i saw god cooking children / paint their bones by john compton is turning one year old this month and is on sale for a week!

15% off from Monday October 4 through Monday October 11!


NEW! Juliet Cook's poem "Throwing It Away Doesn't Mean It Didn't Happen" is newly up today at Writing In a Woman's Voice!

Today another poem by Juliet Cook, "Throwing It Away Doesn't Mean It Didn't Happen" is up online at Writing In A Woman's Voice

"You repeatedly locked doors and sat on counters near the sink
against the mirror, divided your face into numbered sections
and secretly conducted your own compulsive rituals against yourself.
You somehow let yourself believe your own anxiety
and obsessive streaks made more sense than someone else's depression."


NEW! Juliet Cook's poem "Does Lard Go Bad?" is newly up today at Writing in a Woman's Voice

"Because pregnant bellies are so sexy,
but a flabby middle-aged gut is the total opposite
of life. Because the bodies you rolled
your eyes at 20 years ago are now you"

in Juliet Cook's poem, "Does Lard Go Bad?', newly up at Writing in a Woman's Voice

read more HERE - https://writinginawomansvoice.blogspot.com/2021/09/blog-post_15.html?spref=fb&fbclid=IwAR28itmtbXrKMRBK2Rl1Z71OHuupWAlONQja1Ts-lsewysAYHR4-4dKzoc0


NEW! A collaborative poem by Juliet Cook and Charles Cicirella AND a collaborative poem by Juliet Cook and john compton in Scapegoat Review Fall 2021!

Delighted to share the NEW SCAPEGOAT REVIEW FALL 2021, which includes a collaborative poem by Charles Cicirella and Juliet Cook -“Here's My Passive Aggressive Ponytail." AND a collaborative poem by john compton and Juliet Cook -"A Cherry in the Eye" - AND lots of other poems, visual art, and flash fiction! Dive into it all, HERE -http://www.scapegoatreview.org/fall-2021/scapegoat-review-fall-2021-main 

"Ponytails might induce seizures, but you don't care,
because you've been growing out your hair
for your own reasons, for a decade or more.

Sure, sometimes you'll get pissed off and rip
some of your own hair out and fling it
in some woman's face or on her floor

or in her garbage can..."

in the poem "Here's My Passive Aggressive Ponytail"

"the pinkish juices
resemble sweetness, but salt
grits the socket into lies" 

in the poem "A Cherry in the Eye" 

read more HERE - http://www.scapegoatreview.org/fall-2021/juliet-cook-amp-john-compton


NEW! A Conversation with Poet-Publisher-Artist Juliet Cook AND three of her poems at Cultural Daily!

Thank you very much to Mish (Eileen) Murphy for interviewing me a second time for Cultural Daily about poetry, publishing, and art!

Here's a link to the Conversation - https://www.culturaldaily.com/conversation-with-poet-publisher-artist-juliet-cook/?fbclid=IwAR3e9R9bl8sW_sEg8uFmBZCMAGLQ5Ukxt8AVClxYfOyv2Wl4wi2fIg56cpY

And thank you also to Cultural Daily's Poetry Editor Alexis Rhone Fancher for selecting three of my poems to appear there on the same day.

Here's a link to the poems - https://www.culturaldaily.com/juliet-cook-three-poems-2/

"Her mother told her that if she didn’t smile for this group spread, her ass would be spanked until her nose bled and saturated her bad apple. Her blood red apple would be knocked out of her poisoned mouth."


New! Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Records features Juliet Cook reading two of her poems with creepy sound effects!

Thank you very much to Drew Coomer's Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Records for featuring Juliet Cook reading two of her poems - "Red Glass Ceiling" and one of her Flesh World poems in LLGFR #36!

(I love the sound effects he surrounded the poems with including the Red Room/Black Lodge phonetics in Flesh World! I also love the red stop light cover art!)

Give it a listen HERE -


Daniel Snethen's Doll Feeding Frenzy is inside the HAUNTED DOLLHOUSE!

 Read it if you dare, HERE -https://kristingarth.com/pink-plastic-house-a-tiny-journal/the-haunted-dollhouse/haunted-dollhouse-season-2/doll-feeding-frenzy-by-daniel-snethen/

AND If you like this creepy new doll poem by Daniel Snethen at the Haunted Dollhouse, then you might also like his whole small series of creepy doll poems within his Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, PEDIOPHOBIA, available HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/762122669/pediophobia-by-daniel-g-snethen-2019?ref=shop_home_feat_3