NEW H_NGM_N #17!

The new H_NGM_N #17 is alive and surrounded by exciting poetry!
One of Nicole Ross Rollender's poems, "The preparation of the body" in this new H_NGM_N, will also appear in her chapbook, "Bone of My Bone", to be published later this year by Blood Pudding Press!
Blood Pudding Press editor Juliet Cook also has a poem in here, "Gurgling Screams", which will appear again next month, within the book Oct Tongue 2, published by Crisis Chronicles Press and featuring 8 different poets and their poems from every day of October!

A NEW Review of Fiddle Is Flood by Lauren Gordon

"vivid and visceral. The lines in these poems are short, spare. Each image is sharp and singular... and each poem pushes against our need for story as well as for sense. We read of the pull of the physical, and much is left to be discerned between the lines."
from a new Book Review of the Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook "Fiddle Is Flood" by Lauren Gordon, reviewed at Extract(s) Daily dose of lit
partake of and consider purchasing a copy of this chapbook for yourself here - https://www.etsy.com/listing/227740935/new-fiddle-is-flood-by-lauren-gordon?ref=shop_home_active_1


Fiddle Is Flood by Lauren Gordon is recommended reading!

"Fiddle Is Flood" by Lauren Gordon (published by Blood Pudding Press just a few months ago) is uniquely featured HERE!
"Recommended Reading is a semi-regular feature wherein Sarah and/or Jeff recommend something to read. We'll be sharing poems, stories, essay and texty bits that defy categorization--the kinds of things you won't find in a Barnes and Noble.
What: Fiddle is Flood, a chapbook of poems by Lauren Gordon"

And it is available in the Blood Pudding Press shop HERE!


Happy May! - NEW Rogue Agent

"Screaming on the other side
of a fallen down mirror.
Imprisoned inside my own
twisted cells. Gagging out
bloody coins until drained."

The new Rogue Agent Issue Two has now gone live and includes a new poem by Blood Pudding Press editor and poet, Juliet Cook, "Every Hole Is Broken",  surrounded by lots of other body-focused offerings too, all here - http://www.rogueagentjournal.com/issue2


New Review of Sister, Blood and Bone by Paula Cary

A new review written last week about the Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "Sister, Blood and Bone" by Paula Cary (Blood Pudding Press 2013) - http://alt-current.blogspot.com/2015/04/thevolt74.html
Thank you to The Spark:Alternating Current Blog, The Volt and reviewer Julia Hy.
I like how it says at the bottom of the review - "This book was purchased at AWP by an Alternating Current staffer who visited the press’ table. The reviewer does not know the author or publisher and received the book from Alternating Current at random".
So someone randomly chose a Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook at the Blood Pudding Press AWP table and then reviewed it. Neat. 

And if you would like to procure a copy of this chapbook for yourself, here it is - https://www.etsy.com/listing/150775648/sister-blood-and-bone-by-paula-cary-2013?ref=shop_home_active_3


AWP2015 - Lauren Gordon's Fiddle Is Flood

It was exciting for Blood Pudding Press editor Juliet Cook to meet the latest Blood Pudding Press poet  at this year's AWP. Here are Lauren Gordon and Juliet Cook AND Lauren Gordon is holding her new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, Fiddle Is Flood, which sold out at AWP, but copies are still available within the Blood Pudding Press shop here - https://www.etsy.com/listing/227601065/new-fiddle-is-flood-by-lauren-gordon?ref=shop_home_active_1


SAFTAcast Episode 27 - Juliet Cook!

Scott Fynboe and Blood Pudding Press editor/poet Juliet Cook.
He conducted my awesome SAFTAcast Interview, Episode 27, which went live the day I headed to AWP.
You can listen to the interview here - http://saftacast.com/2015/04/07/episode-27-juliet-cook/


AWP 2015 is just a few days away!

For those poetry and press peeps who will be attending this year's AWP, come visit Table 525, where Blood Pudding Press will be sharing table space with Menacing Hedge!


What Held Your Hand Was a Ghost: A Reading of Hauntings, Place, Cinema, the Fabulous & More

This poetry reading (and AWP) is now just a little more than a week away (AAAH)!

What Held Your Hand Was a Ghost happens Thursday, April 9
at 8:00pm - 10:00pm in CDT
 at Crooked Pint Ale House. 

It features a variety of fabulous poets from a variety of unique presses, including three Blood Pudding Press poets - Kelly Boyker, Daniel Shapiro, and Lauren Gordon.

Lauren Gordon will have her NEW Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook available too, "Fiddle Is Flood".


While at AWP, don't forget to visit Table 525, being shared between Blood Pudding Press and Menacing Hedge. 


New Thirteen Myna Birds - First of Spring 2015!

The NEW Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived! It offers four teaser pieces from the NEW Blood Pudding Press Press poetry chapbook, "Fiddle Is Flood" by Lauren Gordon, followed by new poetry from Davide NixonJohn Claude SmithJoe Milford, Bekah Steimel, (and a few older poems by Jessica Lindsley and Martin Willitts Jr. have moved from the top of the flock to the bottom of the flock, but still live on)!

"silver fishes and all that swim in the darkness - inside my belly - up and over my other bones - cutting my body in half - bared fangs tearing into hope - gyrate & spill give voice to swill - in the black soil of night - a glimmer of hopelessness - in heaven blood up to your ankles"