Blood Pudding Press FREE Special Offer if we hit 30 sales this month

LESS THAN ONE DAY LEFT to take advantage of this offer from Blood Pudding Press. We've already sold (more than) 3 more chapbooks, so someone will definitely be getting a free chapbook of their choice AND a free piece of mini-art - and if you purchase a chapbook from Blood Pudding Press before the end of July, that someone could be you.

The offer will end after midnight (Eastern Time zone) - and the winner will be announced sometime tomorrow, which is already the first day of August! 


Blood Pudding Press has had a pretty great selling month for such an itty bitty indie press run by one woman. The press has sold close to 30 chapbooks this month, considerably more than I usually sell in one month. 

I've decided if I make it to 30 sales within the last few days of July, then I will put the name of everyone who purchased a chapbook this month into a raffle bin - and who ever's name I pull out will receive a free piece of mini-art AND a free chapbook of their choice.

In order to make it to 30 this month, I need to sell 3 more chapbooks in less than 3 days, so if you've already purchased a chapbook this month, please spread the word, so you can be a part of this fun-filled contest. 

Or BUY a chapbook within the next few days to be part of the contest too.



Blood Pudding Press Poetry and Art COMBO PACK

Art AND Poetry Combo Pack - One of a Kind Mini Canvas Painting Collage Hybrid Creature combined with the new They Talk About Death poetry chapbook by Alessandra Bava, $11.00

Blood Pudding Press Poetry Chap COMBO PACKS

NEW! - Get TWO 2014 Chapbooks for a lowered price - They Talk About Death by Alessandra Bava AND House on Fire by Susan Yount

NEW! - Get TWO 2014 Chapbooks for a lowered price - They Talk About Death by Alessandra Bava AND Stick Up by Paul David Adkins


NEW July Thirteen Myna Birds Flock!

A new oozing update to the Thirteen Myna Birds flock, offering an odd entourage of uncanny new poetry morsels by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, Daniel M. Shapiro, Donavon Davidson, Jeffrey Zable, and John Grey - preceded by a teaser piece from the new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "They Talk About Death" by Alessandra Bava. Step inside if you dare - http://13myna.blogspot.com/.

"I dip my fingers in your scars - pilfering flesh like it was the future - kinetic spasms of gloss, hair, bone, and tendon - when light strikes light head on, a life must end - a cut, dirty swan - falling into a dark hole - dead fruit falling from trees - seep up through rotting flower stalks - little lambs eat their hearts out - it immediately disintegrated in my hands - fingertips to blades - hyenas in celluloid nightgowns"


The First Review of the New Blood Pudding Press chapbook - "They Talk About Death" by Alessandra Bava

"Bava engages the past -- Rimbaud, Sexton, Miller, Plath -- but also dances with a very lively muse, Patti Smith. Although tinged with the blackness of "the apocalypse of words" the buoyancy of hope is what raises the reader well above despair. Salomé may turn John's severed head into lamp, but only for her own creative spark."

An excerpt from the very first review of the new Blood Pudding Pres
s chapbook, "They Talk About Death" by Alessandra Bava.

Thank you very much to K.A. Laity for reading the chapbook and writing this wonderful little review!

You may read it all hear on Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/992814993?book_show_action=true&page=1

You may find out more and get your own copy of the chapbook in the Blood Pudding Press shop here - https://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress


More July Poetry News!

Partake of this new interview, about collaborative poetry and more, by Juliet Cook and Robert Cole, conducted by Pretty Owl Poetry here: - http://prettyowlpoetry.com/interviews/juliet-cook-robert-cole/


Then you can read one of Robert and Juliet’s collaborative poems (“Superorbital Dive”) AND a collaborative poem by Juliet and j/j hastain (“Scares and Scores”) at the NEW Dressing Room Poetry (Issue Eight) here - http://www.dressingroompoetryjournal.com/issue-eight.html


And in case you missed it a few days ago, find out about the newly available Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, “They Talk About Death” by Alessandra Bava, in the blog post below this one and/or at the Blood Pudding Press shop here - https://www.etsy.com/listing/195585261/new-they-talk-about-death-by-alessandra?


They Talk About Death by Alessandra Bava - NEW Blood Pudding Press Poetry chapbook!

They Talk About Death by Alessandra Bava is the third contest winning Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook of 2014

This is Bava's first chapbook published within the United States.

They Talk About Death is available here - http://www.etsy.com/listing/195585261/new-they-talk-about-death-by-alessandra?

Cover Art - Yellow Carousel Horse by Erin Wells.

Available with Vanilla Skull Cover, Medium Blue Cover, or Off White Cover.

Hand bound with artsy yarn, either Sea Orange or Medium Blue - OR with Dusty Rose ribbon.

The innards include thirteen poems, inspired by/based upon other writers/artists who died young, including Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Garcia Lorca, Rimbaud, and Baudelaire.

Below is part of the chapbook's title poem, followed by more biographical information about the poet.

Buy the book to read more.


"Sylvia talks of her
first attempt. Anne
listens attentively.
Her lucid,

blue stare
beautifies the dark
suicidal words:
the sweet,

terrible act dissected
with loving details
as on a morgue


Alessandra Bava lives and works in the Eternal city. She holds an MA in American Literature and manages her own translation agency. She is the author of two bilingual chapbooks, NOCTURNE (Edizioni Pulcinoelefante, 2013) and GUERRILLA BLUES (Edizioni Ensemble, 2012).

THEY TALK ABOUT DEATH is her third chapbook but her first US published chapbook. Her fourth chapbook is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press. She is the editor of ROME'S REVOLUTIONARY POETS BRIGADE ANTHOLOGY Vol. 1 (Edizioni Ensemble, 2012) and ARTICOLO 1 (Albeggi Edizioni, 2014). Her poems have appeared in several journals such as Plath Profiles, THRUSH Poetry Journal, Empty Mirror and Left Curve. In 2010 she had a cathartic encounter with SF Poet Laureate Jack Hirschman and she is currently writing his biography.


Here is a link to the first 2014 Blood Pudding Press contest wining chapbook - House on Fire by Susan Yount - https://www.etsy.com/listing/177826146/new-house-on-fire-by-susan-yount-2014?

Here is a link to the second Blood Pudding Press contest winning chapbook - Stick Up by Paul David Adkins - https://www.etsy.com/listing/188110107/new-stick-up-by-paul-david-adkins-2014?


First Publication of July

"the words were mutating
crows, cawing through
every socket,
every crawlspace"

From 'Goop', a collaborative poem by j/j hastain and Juliet Cook, now up at Crisis Chronicles.

Read more here - http://cclitmag.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/goop-by-jj-hastain-and-juliet-cook/


Late June delightful poetry news

Blood Pudding Press editor and poet Juliet Cook is utterly delighted that her poetry has been published in two different awesome places in two days – Diode 7.2 went live this past Sunday and includes one individual poem. ILK Journal oozed out its fourteenth innards Monday and includes two collaborative poems by Juliet Cook and j/j hastain.

She is also currently in the process of working on a new collaborative poetry interview, assembling a new collaborative poetry chapbook to submit, and working on the next Blood Pudding Press chapbook!

She's a bit behind with reading Thirteen Myna Birds submissions, reading things other than lit mags and submissions, and emailing her friends (and writing new poems, and revising old poems, and submitting).

However, having poems in Diode and ILK outweighs the behind-ness.

And stay tuned for news about the new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook coming soon – They Talk About Death by Alessandra Bava.


New ILK! (Including two collaborative poems by Juliet Cook and j/j hastain)

"Reconstructed glitter cavern
with explosive devices inside

A cave in a mouth

Some thought they were extinct,
but some new the strange truth –
part of that
was going
to come back to life

as a twin"

A few lines from "Access Achieved Then Denied", one of the two collaborative poems by  Juliet Cook and j/j hastain that are now up at the new Issue 14 of ILK (we are your kind).

Read more here - http://ilkjournal.com/journal/issue-fourteen/juliet-cook-j-j-hastain/