NEW! The May Flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived!

The Fairy Spirit of the Amaryllis by MISH
The NEW May flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is here, filled with poetry/art by Eileen Murphy, Sara Lefsyk, Patrick Hurley, Sarah Nichols, MISH, and Sara Minges!

"during this time of pandemic - Sky is cloudless; birds don't sing - and the days Are quiet as death - gargling instead of brushing teeth - I’m transcribing documents that were written by ghosts with feathers and dust - Shift managers and supervisors demand and take - take these new pills and calm down - the control module has been jammed by fragments - a doll falling out of a tree - faster than cancer - we were wearing the dress of altered states - I was rolling around in some flowers with vomit in my hair - the shape of spilled fluid - enter the final labyrinth - every sky ends with nameless colors - flowers carry sickness here - I speak the language of darkness - we carry the burdens of ourselves and our sisters - I had on the face of an animal over the mask of a girl"

Take a flight with the flock, HERE - https://13myna.blogspot.com/


NEW! Three of Juliet Cook's Museum of Impending Death poems appear in Burning House Press!

"Trying to focus on what feels meaningful to me in this moment.
Trying not to let my own thoughts reside inside nothing but impending death.
Trying not to let my own thoughts reside inside this giant nihilistic
ever expanding sky filled with rising numbers of dead stars."

Three of Juliet Cook's Museum of Impending Death poems are up at Burning House Press today.



COMING SOON! Juliet Cook's NEW micro-chap, Histrionics Inside My Interior City (and many more micro-chaps from Ghost City Press)!

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Juliet Cook's chapbook. "Histrionics Inside My Interior City" will be a part of the series on June 23!


NEW! One of Juliet Cook's Museum of Impending Death poems appears in Across the Social Distances!

"These evil ghosts spit dirt onto my face.
These bloody clown mouths won’t stop screaming.
I know I don’t really matter anymore in the midst of all this noise."
One of Juliet Cook's Museum of Impending Death poems now appears within Across the Social Distances!


Another NEW Review of Juliet Cook's new poetry chapbook - The Rabbits With Red Eyes

"Juliet will rob you of any inkling of innocence you may have left and you will thank her for it. You will thank her because she is not jerking you around. She doesn't tip toe through poetry. She is a beautiful disaster. She walks the blurred line with every line of her poems...

...Any time I want to be reminded I'm alive and escape the mediocre day, I will come back to this book."

part of a wonderful new review by Casey Kiser of Juliet Cook's  poetry chapbook, "The Rabbits With Red Eyes"

Read the rest of the review HERE - https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3270968719?book_show_action=true&from_review_page=1#_=_

Acquire the chapbook for yourself from Ethel Zine & Micro-Press HERE - https://www.ethelzine.com/shop/the-rabbits-with-red-eyes-by-juliet-cook

Or from the Blood Pudding Press shop HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/792299569/new-the-rabbits-with-red-eyes-by-juliet?ref=shop_home_feat_2


NEW! One of Juliet Cook's Museum of Impending Death poems lives inside The Haunted Dollhouse!

"The large black cloud looms and grows
into an impending tornado. The lights all go out."
inside one of my Museum of Impending Death poems, which is now inside The Haunted Dollhouse...


Eileen Murphy Recommends "The Rabbits With Red Eyes" by Juliet Cook

"EILEEN RECOMMENDS: I just got this gorgeous handmade chapbook in the mail, The Rabbits With Red Eyes by poet/artist/publisher Juliet Cook. These books are not expensive (right now), but make good collectors items and gifts, not to mention gifts to yourself. I highly recommend!"
Recommendation and photo by Eileen Murphy

The Rabbits With Red Eyes can be purchased directly from the poet, through her Blood Pudding Press shop HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/792299569/new-the-rabbits-with-red-eyes-by-juliet?ref=shop_home_feat_2

And directly from the creatively wonderful small press that published it, Ethel Zine & Micro Press, HERE! - https://www.ethelzine.com/shop/the-rabbits-with-red-eyes-by-juliet-cook 


NEW in (the newly re-awakened) Can We Have Our Ball Back? - FIVE NEW POEMS!

3 weird poems by Juliet Cook
1 weird collab poem by Juliet Cook & Martin Willitts Jr
1 weird collab poem by Juliet Cook and Darryl Shupe
All newly appearing upon the newly re-awakened Can We Have Our Ball Back?

HERE - https://canwehaveourballback.org/f/juliet-cook?fbclid=IwAR3qwlSNrHiLkiLAyGLKBAMdeTnIvwCSsvEClc93nwYpjqzVksK-d3ceUts

3 Museum of Impending Death poems

1 Stuck Inside the Cubicles Inside Our Minds poem

1 Like a Close Relative of an Asshat poem


Happy Poetry Month from Thirteen Myna Birds! The NEW April flock has arrived with 20 NEW poems for your reading pleasure!

Happy Poetry Month from Thirteen Myna Birds! The new April flock is HERE, including TWENTY NEW POEMS!
Poetry by Martin Willitts Jr., Rachel J. Fenton, J. MacBain-Stephens, Paul Brookes, Scott Ferry, J.C. Mari, Kristin Garth, and John Compton!

"The world is beginning slowness, about to slide into the muddy banks - Our bones lock our refreshed hearts in a new cage - a twisted birthday where one woke at their funeral - we jump and pounce on each other - nowhere to run - the squirrel with brains knocked out by someone's car - Complete items are wrong, ugly, incorrect - you want me to notice the words, what remains of them. What did they mean before and what do they mean now? - How many times a day do I place false closures on the ends of words? - just grey and white and swollen with brine - driving on her own ghost train - I pretend to fit the correct ends into sockets - blood drawn, buttoned lips - and out it comes, surprising you with its ferocity - pleasure gardens for hyenas - The occupation of colors avalanches - Annihilate me and my fairy tale"