Another New Review of the Blood Pudding Press chapbook, They Talk About Death

Happy darkly delicious September!

This month is starting off with a wonderfully detailed new review by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, of the latest Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "They Talk About Death" by Alessandra Bava. 

Below are some lines from the review - and you may read the whole review within the new Infoxicated Corner, here - http://www.thethepoetry.com/category/infoxicated-corner/

And then if you are compelled to read all 13 poems from within the chapbook, it can be purchased from the Blood Pudding Press shop here - http://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress

"Lives cut short by drugs, suicide, illness, and murder – these artists and writers inspire Bava’s work. In this chapbook, assembled and handmade by editor and publisher Juliet Cook, ghosts requite and haunt red-walled Parisian cafes, New York street corners, and dark, succulent gardens."


"Bava’s muses struggled throughout life to find their place and, whether through confessional poetry or offending critics, Bava portrays this glorious, marginalized group (some of them only achieving prominence postmortem,) in all of their eccentric and damaged glory.

In the titular, opening poem, the scene of a salon is staged. Writers talk and sip absinthe; as “Sylvia talks of her first attempt. Anne [Sexton] listens attentively…” the scene becomes almost like a portrayal of two school girls discussing a crush – words such as “sweet,” “infectious laugh,” and “loving,” convey an innocent intimacy; discussing death feels like looking for the shape of a friend in the dark at a sleepover."


"The cover art, by Erin Wells, is eerily reminiscent of Sylvia’s famous blond curls. These curls, however, fall over a horse skull, such an apropos illustration for this collection – the whimsical carousel ride of childhood juxtaposed with the ominous horse skull, to somewhat terrifying effect. We are reminded that, though childhood ends eventually, these beasts continue to gallop in a circle forever, reaching up towards heaven and down towards hell, keeping all riders in a state of limbo. Perhaps the resurrected ghosts of these artists and writers find themselves locked into similar patterns: Sylvia, for example, so gregarious and lovely, almost child-like herself in so many photos, gave life and conformist roles a shot, but in the end, her own darkness was the all-consuming role." 


The First Review of the new RED DEMOLITION by Juliet Cook

"Many poets write with strong emotion, but Juliet Cook writes with emotion squeezed into brilliant lines full of sound and poetic beauty. Even the ugliest things she writes about turn into things of beauty"

part of the very first review of Juliet Cook's new poetry chapbook, posted on Goodreads, by Kathy Burkett

read the rest here - https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1039302680?book_show_action=false&page=1

and if so inclined, consider purchasing the chapbook from Shirt Pocket Press for just $6 here -  

or from the Blood Pudding Press shop for just $6 here - http://www.etsy.com/listing/201202952/red-demolition-by-juliet-cook-new-2014?ref=shop_home_active_1


RED DEMOLITION by Juliet Cook (a new poetry chapbook, published by Shirt Pocket Press)

Blood Pudding Press editor Juliet Cook now has a new poetry chapbook, RED DEMOLITION, published by Shirt Pocket Press and available for a mere six bucks here - http://shirtpocketpress.wordpress.com/catalog/

Here are a few lines from one of the 14 poems within this new chapbook ("Insecticide Dye Job" is the name of this piece):

Nobody else can keep you inside them long enough to glue you back together. Nobody wants to anyway. Nobody desires to dye your strands together and dive into your revolting mess. Nobody will stick to the different ways you tension thread your own head and then call its damage unfathomable and claim you are repeatedly dive bombed with insect stings. As if every new set of wings is bound to break and diverge towards poison aimed at your head.  Aimed straight but then warped into another spewed bottle of broken repellent. Nobody can hear your buzz flair. Your dye looks more purple inside the shower than it does on your dark hair, but nobody wants to take a shower with you.

Even if you would let them shave it off. Even if you tell them it’s the only time they can see all of you with your panties off, because you don’t want the insects to crawl inside that part too. As soon as you tell him he can keep it inside you all night, he will pull it out and let the stinging insects invade. They always pull out too soon or not soon enough. Now you’re an upset; now you’re pregnant with another swarm of confusion. Now you’re just a hole filled with nothing except your own contorted head.  

If you DO want to dive into more of this revolting mess (at least temporarily), click the link above, buy it, and dive.


Best of the Net Nomination - Creative Non-Fiction: Evacuation by Juliet Cook

Blood Pudding Press editor (and poet/writer) Juliet Cook has received a Best of the Net Nomination from Menacing Hedge for her piece "Evacuation". 
You can read her "Evacuation" and/or listen to her read it here - 
Menacing Hedge Best of the Net Nominations!

A Terrible Energy by Ree Davis
Ember Against Gravity by William Lemon

Creative Non-Fiction:
Evacuation by Juliet Cook

The Hunter by Kristine Ong Muslim
Our Spectrum on Which Beauty Mingles with Savagery by Nicole Olweean
She Stops to Sew by Kristin LaTour
Two Children Grow Fur in the Woods by Seann F. Weir
Francine Creates Her Story as If I Asked her to Author Her Own Birth by Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick
Judy Grable Makes A Living by W. Todd Kaneko


NEW August Thirteen Myna Birds - "black in a cluster of stars"

Partake of the NEW August issue of Thirteen Myna Birds - offering eight poems by Ariana D. Den Bleyker followed with oodles of poetry by Farkas, Jessie Janeshek, Samantha Duncan, and Paul Tristram!

"simmering in the spaces between your teeth - untouchable to angels - pretty tides flitter in lick - swollen, gauzy things - wet the ghostly fingers - globe over her shoulders - eye hole of coyote skull - like a cracked plate - A scream in these woods! - The first red and yellow tree installed in the bush - is or is not supposed to belong - I want to be black in a cluster of stars."



Apocalypse of Words: Interview with Alessandra Bava (regarding her Blood Pudding Press chapbook, "They Talk About Death")

KL: Your lines on García Lorca speak to every artist’s fear of being silenced, the work unfinished. Can the work ever be finished?

AB: García Lorca was murdered and silenced, but his words still speak and resonate deeply today. The work will never be finished, even after death occurs. What we have written will ultimately still be there for somebody else to read.

a few lines from the new interview of Alessandra Bava, about her new poetry chapbook, "They Talk About Death" (Blood Pudding Press, 2014), appearing within Cultural Weekly.

You can also read five poems from the chapbook within this interview.

Then if you desire to read the other poems in the chapbook (while holding it in your hands), you can find out more and/or get your very own copy here - https://www.etsy.com/listing/195494626/new-they-talk-about-death-by-alessandra?ref=shop_home_active_13


Sinking Down Cake Brain

Sinking Down Cake Brain 

(a newly finished painting/collage hybrid added to the Blood Pudding Press shop tonight, here - http://www.etsy.com/listing/199034416/sinking-down-cake-brain-one-of-a-kind?ref=shop_home_active_1)


First Poetry Publication of August!

Three collaborative poems by j/j hastain and Juliet Cook are now appearing within New Manifestos, along with lots of other odd goodies too!

Here's a few lines from one of those three collab poems, "A Multitude of Red Ring Fingers":

"Then we dreamed our own nest
not filled with birds or bate but
blood. We could rest there all
mowed and loaded with all kinds of fur.
Made up fur is no more faux than real fur
is ready to be
hot flax seed
oil drenched with blood.

Red torrential downpours of
fetus wings. Ring finger
slough. Cut it off

and see
what is

trough of strange



Another New Review of the new Blood Pudding Press chapbook, "They Talk About Death"

In these poems, where “the poet’s table… is set with/ bowls of steaming ink, with forked tongues/ feeding on Truth,” we’re immersed in a twilit world where poet and dead poet confront each other under the “murder of stars” – ultimately creating together the “beautiful corpse of/a poem.” 

from a new review by Nicole Rollender of the new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "They Talk About Death" by Alessandra Bava.

Read more of the review here - https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1006882602

Find out more about and consider purchasing the chapbook from the Blood Pudding Press shop here - https://www.etsy.com/listing/195494626/new-they-talk-about-death-by-alessandra?ref=shop_home_active_4


Blood Pudding Press Poetry and Art COMBO PACK

Art AND Poetry Combo Pack - One of a Kind Mini Canvas Painting Collage Hybrid Creature combined with the new They Talk About Death poetry chapbook by Alessandra Bava, $11.00