New Interview with Blood Pudding Press poet Matthew J. Hall at Blot Lit

"The pigeons in my chapbook Pigeons and Peace Doves are – at least in part – a representation of trying to adjust to city life and dealing with the dark and ugly parts of life, in general. City pigeons are often referred to as flying rats because of their parasitic nature and disease spreading potential; but they are only like that as a consequence of the way urban culture functions. They are dirty because built up areas are dirty places to live. They are parasitic because we are wasteful. They often have missing feet, contorted legs or some other disfiguration because urban life is aggressive, self-serving and fast. I relate to these pigeons, yet I am disgusted by them, which is the other part of what they represent in this collection; my own contradictions, anxieties, depressions..."
From a new Interview with Blood Pudding Press poet, Matthew J. Hall up at Blot Lit.
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NEW Review of Pigeons and Peace Doves by Matthew J. Hall (Blood Pudding Press 2015)

"It is not often I come across a chapbook that incorporates the tangible materials of its binding and pages into the reading experience. The silvery sparkle of the grey pages and the messy, yet endearing thread binding of Matthew J. Hall’s Pigeons and Peace Doves gently pull the reader into a pool of melancholy reflection his poetry creates.
Through the narrator’s stream of consciousness, the reader is able to peer into the thoughts of an often stigmatized and ignored voice—the voice of those who live with mental illness. Hall writes candidly about depression and the contemplation of suicide, and he does justice to the realities of those living with mental health issues. The reader witnesses the narrator struggle. They are in bed with him as he is torn between the grace of the peace dove and the effrontery of the pigeon—the chaos of depression and the peace of mental health."
From a new Review of the Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "Pigeons and Peace Doves" by Matthew J. Hall at Blot Lit Reviews.
Thank you to Blotterature Literary Magazine and reviewer Kayla Greenwell.


New Interview with Blood Pudding Press poet Lauren Gordon at Blot Lit

"A piece is done when I have gotten some distance from it and can come back to it without seeing anything I want to change. That’s a process that takes anywhere from three months to five years (so far)."
A small snippet from a new interview with Blood Pudding Press poet Lauren Gordon at Blot Lit Reviews.

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Blood Pudding Press Nominees for Independent Best American Poetry!

Blood Pudding Press has nominated three poems (one from each of Blood Pudding Press's three chapbooks this year) to Independent Best American Poetry (via GOSS183 Publishing House)!
"Sister's Sightless Eyes" by Lauren Gordon (from the Blood Pudding Press chapbook, "Fiddle Is Flood", published in March 2015)
"Many Shades of Brown" by Matthew J. Hall (from the Blood Pudding Press chapbook, "Pigeons and Peace Doves", published in June 2015)
"Vespers" by Nicole Rollender (from the Blood Pudding Press chapbook, "Bone of My Bone", published in September 2015).
Best of luck to the three Blood Pudding Press nominees!

NEW Review of Fiddle Is Flood by Lauren Gordon (Blood Pudding Press 2015)

 "She uses images of buried babies and oversexed grasshoppers"

A strangely amusing snippet from a new Blot Lit Review of the Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook "Fiddle Is Flood" by Lauren Gordon.

Thank you to BLOTTERATURE.

Partake of more HERE - http://blotterature.com/2015/09/24/blot-lit-reviews-fiddle-is-flood-by-lauren-gordon/

Procure a copy of the chapbook HEREhttps://www.etsy.com/listing/227601065/new-fiddle-is-flood-by-lauren-gordon?ref=shop_home_feat_3


Yet Another Wonderful New Interview with Nicole Rollender about Bone of My Bone

At the beginning of her most recent interview at Speaking of Marvels about her new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "Bone of My Bone", new Blood Pudding Press poet Nicole Rollender mentions two other Blood Pudding Press poet chapbooks as some of her favorite chapbooks:

"I’ve become such a fan of Blood Pudding Press’s chapbooks, especially Lisa Ciccarello's At night, the dead and Lisa Marie Cole's Renegade // Heart. Ghostly, visionary, metaphysical, macabre, haunted, these small but powerful collections make me want to write even more – the poems speak to the concerns my work centers on: the complexities of being an embodied spirit, how the dead still haunt/influence our lives and what we learn from them...

These chapbooks are also beautiful art objects: the cover images, the cover and text stock is deckle-edged, the pages are hand-numbered and spider-stamped, and the tomes are bound with decorative ribbon and wrapped in paper and tied with more ribbon when delivered. I was such a fan of how BPP produces artful chapbooks that I specifically wanted to send Bone of My Bone there first"

Read more of Nicole Rollender's new interview HERE - https://chapbookinterviews.wordpress.com/2015/09/18/nicole-rollender/

Procure her chapbook for yourself HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/244912253/new-bone-of-my-bone-by-nicole-rollender?ref=shop_home_active_5

Another New Interview with Nicole Rollender about her Bone of My Bone chapbook

"I’m drawn to the chapbook form because they’re tiny little countries that allow a poet to experiment and to also work through a theme or narrative arc in a smaller space. I actually put together Bone of My Bone specifically for the Blood Pudding Press 2015 Chapbook contest last December. I had been thinking about the theme for a little while, and felt that the subject matter was a good match for BPP, since I own several of its chapbook titles that embrace the spiritual, the mystical, the ghostly, the macabre, the day’s darker undersides. I know that my poetry isn’t for everyone – my longer book of hours poem was rejected from numerous journals. That’s partly why I used it as a skeleton or starting point for Bone of My Bone. Luckily BPP Publisher Juliet Cook liked the chapbook enough to select it as one of the Blood Pudding Press Chapbook Contest winners."

A snippet from another new interview with Nicole Rollender, regarding her new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "Bone of my Bone".

Thank you kindly to Nancy Chen Long for conducting this interview, which appears here - 

The chapbook itself can be acquired from the Blood Pudding Press shop here - https://www.etsy.com/listing/246781871/new-bone-of-my-bone-by-nicole-rollender?ref=shop_home_active_2


Happy Fall from Thirteen Myna Birds!

The Fall has arrived in Thirteen Myna Birds land! The first fall flock involves colorful and dark breaking of branches to unveil dangling leaves of poetry - beginning with three poems from the new Blood Pudding Press chapbook, "Bone of My Bone" by Nicole Rollender - and filled with unsettling leaves from other trees by Tom Montag, Adam Tedesco, Kelle Grace Gaddis, and John Tustin all HERE - http://13myna.blogspot.com/
"Wind takes what it wants - what was in the womb - Wind keeps nothing in its thin hands - skull into lace - beyond the burning nest - blood runs through our teeth - blood let, that bone shine? - and dream of someplace darker - walk myself back into my mother and then into the abyss - a collapsing colony - reaching for invisible stars - escape the noose - the sunlight pours in like blood"


New Interview with Nicole Rollender about her Bone of My Bone chapbook and more

"When I write, I feel this whole gathering of things around me, memories, objects, words, things that are beautiful, other things that are grotesque. It’s this chaos, all these voices, so the idea is how do I inhabit multiple places, the earth, the afterlife as this creature who has a dual form? I think most people struggle with what their life on earth means. In this chapbook, there’s a reflection of that real questioning, and how we’re never really sure of anything—our place on earth, salvation, the meaning of suffering. It’s an ongoing internal struggle."
from another new interview with Blood Pudding Press poet Nicole Rollender, focusing on her new Blood Pudding Press chapbook, "Bone of My Bone" (and also her new Dancing Girl Press chapbook, "Absence of Stars" and more).
Read it at Axis of Abraxas (the Poetry Blog of Jessica Goodfellow) HERE - http://jessicagoodfellow.blogspot.jp/2015/09/interview-with-nicole-rollender.html


The NEW "Bone of My Bone" by Nicole Rollender is only ONE WEEK OLD as of today!

"Bone of My Bone" by Nicole Rollender is one week old as of today! This Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook is still fresh and new and waiting for you to open it up and partake of its unique insides.

"...remember when
we pulled apart moths,
first clapping them between our hands, to stun
their flight? Pulling off one dusty wing,
wrenching the other. Dropping the torsos
in the stream, the water performed the final kill.
Was there an opening the illumined moth
slipped through? Or, did it sink
to be eaten? Or both..."
(from the poem "Disassembling")