A NEW Spring Flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is HERE!

Happy end of March, launching into April's Poetry Month with a new flock of Thirteen Myna Birds!

Poetry and art by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Wayne F Burke, MISH, Kathryn Burkett, Merritt Waldon, Alex S. Johnson, and E. Martin Pedersen!
the sun breaks through chunks of obsidian - to look at her drawings of flying penises - poisoned river raging in her quivering heart - metal smile awash in her spurting blood - torn apart and in darkness - In darkness my body feels less exposed - I’m tangled up with my invisible-but-evil twin - Her motionless body on the bed - not lifeless—not yet - We’ve all been poisoned - The culturally relevant now like pink Elephants & clowns - He’s got a secret fishing hole, which he currently can’t get to - She sees stars behind shaded eyes - gatekeeping foam while bodies sleep on beach blankets, tented blue dimensions - In a multidimensional multireality Multiconsciousness dream of the future - steel teeth chewing through - all strange parades of weightless flesh packed in black vinyl - In a language no one speaks - as the long shadows crawl and the tide comes in - Vibrating with muses On the edge of midnight...
Yo-Yo Remix by MISH

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