my misshapen gingerbread baby


My first awfully yummy poetry chapbook published by another press (rather than self-published through Blood Pudding Press) is now available in my etsy shop--www.BloodPuddingPress.etsy.com--I am offering a very limited number of signed copies for only $5 each!

‘Gingerbread Girl' was recently published by Trainwreck Press out of Canada and is also available for sale via the Trainwreck Press shop (see url below). Please do feel free to purchase from either shop, perhaps whichever would result in swifter and more inexpensive shipping for you.

The cover features the image of a delightful painting by one of my favorite artists, Kendra Binney, a fine mistress of disturbingly cute misfit-esque artworks. This particular painting is called 'Pink Bird' and one of the poems in this collection is named after the painting and inspired by Binney's art.

I am also pleased with the content of the chapbook, which deals with my warped perspective on edibility, consumption, cautionary tales, uneasy lessons, girlhood baggage, misfit-ism, anger, horror, dessert products, and more.

If you prefer your gingerbread girls misshapen and strangely inedible, please feel free to nibble your way to the oddball innards inside Juliet Cook’s ‘Gingerbread Girl' !





A blurb from John Goodman, editor of Trainwreck Press:

'Sharp insight into a woman torn between self-direction and socially determined images of the feminine with language that is by turns sugary sweet and challengingly jarring.

An engaging addition to any poetry shelf.'


'An at-times monstrously delightful, skittering little collection of mellifluous soundbites and narrative flashes. Manages to do a fine job of making all the sugar and spice of which little girls are made into arsenic-laced almond cookies and many-tentacled creeping things. The proliferation of metaphors linking the seemingly innocent and delectable to the insidious and threatening are a testament to Juliet's virtuosity, but like any sickeningly sweet confection, are best consumed in small and measured bites. This is a chapbook to give time, not devour in a single voracious sitting. You may wish to cleanse your palate with a little mouthwash afterwards so as to avoid the rapid onset of aching teeth.'

John Moore Williams, poet


'After reading Gingerbread Girl I thought about red velvet cake as crimson lipped and bloody yum. Images of lemon cake batter moving like mucous. A glob sliding down my throat while I soiled heart-patterned panties. Who would have ever known poison of a mind tasted sweet as Mother baked and hissed with them knivey licks? Only, Juliet Cook. '

Ginnetta Correli, writer

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