what’s next for Blood Pudding Press

I’ve been receiving a few queries lately and although Blood Pudding Press is not currently accepting submissions, I do very much appreciate the interest. Thus, I wanted to offer a small update regarding what’s next for Blood Pudding Press.

All of this information is tentative and subject to fluctuation, but here are some inklings of what to expect from Blood Pudding Press in the coming months.

I am in the midst of participating in the very exciting dusie kollektiv 3 collaboration chapbook swap project. As a part of this project, Blood Pudding Press in conjunction with dusie press will be publishing ‘Humoresque’, a poetry collection by E. Tracy Grinnell, this October.

Shortly thereafter, circa early winter 2008, I anticipate that I will begin accepting submissions for the next Blood Pudding Press multi-writer project. This will be another poetry-focused chapbook similar to [GROWLING SOFTLY] and ECTOPLASMIC NECROPOLIS, but this time around, instead of selecting 1-2 poems by approximately 30 different poets, I will most likely be selecting 2-3 poems by approximately 15 different poets—and maybe a few other goodies, too. Please do not submit until I post my official ‘Call for Submissions’, which will appear here and elsewhere—and if you are interested in being added to the Blood Pudding Press email list, feel free to let me know.

I occasionally receive the question, ‘Does Blood Pudding Press consider poetry by men?’ and the answer is YES. Blood Pudding Press does harbor pussycentric tendencies and predilections, for sure. That said, I am delighted to consider creative material by women AND men AND those who identify in a more gender-fluid way. I am even delighted to consider submissions by alien witches.

After the next multi-writer project is published, I will probably begin accepting submissions for the next Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook by an individual poet. I have not yet decided exactly how these submissions will be handled—it could be an open reading period, it could be more of a contest format (addendum: although now that I think about it, it most likely will NOT take the form of a contest model, because in the midst of the lastest rash of contest horror stories, I am very much starting to wonder why I even ENTER poetry contests, let alone consider hosting one through my own small press; for cripes sake, in some ways contests seem antithetical to who I am as a human being), it could be something different. Either way, stay tuned to this blog for more details sometime in spring 2009.

As always, Blood Pudding Press is an adoring fan of chapbook trades and other art swaps—so if you are a creative writer and/or small press editor who is interested in exchanging one of your chapbooks for one of the currently available Blood Pudding Press chapbooks, please do feel free to enquire. Review copies are also available upon request.

Thank you so very much for your interest in Blood Pudding Press. I am excitedly looking forward to reading and considering some ooze-ilicious new poetry in the coming months! Slurp!

Juliet Cook, editor, Blood Pudding Press

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