Blood Pudding Press chapbook contest

Blood Pudding Press is now accepting submissions for its first poetry chapbook contest!

Chapbooks manuscript submissions will be accepted from December 8, 2008-February 28, 2009.

Two winning chapbooks will be chosen—one to be published in Spring 2009 (April or May) and one to be published in Summer 2009 (June or July). Three semi-finalists and the two winners will be announced in March. Each winner will receive fifteen free copies of their chapbook, which will be a ribbon-bound, delectably designed affair.

See the Blood Pudding Press online shop at http://www.bloodpuddingpress.etsy.com/ and/or the Blood Pudding Press blog at http://www.bloodyooze.blogspot.com/ for a better idea of the press’s sensibilities and design standards.

There is a $5.00 fee per manuscript for entering this contest; these entry fees will be used to purchase supplies for publishing the winning chapbooks. The fee is payable to the editor’s Paypal account at JulietX@Bust.com. (You may either use Paypal’s Send Payment feature to send payment to that email address—or use the Donation button near the bottom right hand side of the page at www.bloodyooze.blogspot.com –or if you would like to make alternative payment arrangements, you may contact me.)

I would like to consider collections of 10-20 poems. Some of the poems may be previously published, but the collection as a whole should not have been published before. Send your collection of poems to JulietX@Bust.com along with title, acknowledgments, a brief bio, and your contact data. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere, please let me know right away.


Blood Pudding Press is also in the midst of accepting poetry submissions for our next multi-writer project, to be published in March. These submissions will be accepted through January 25th. There is no fee for submitting individual poems; only the chapbook contest has an entry fee.

If you wish to submit to both projects at the same time, please feel free—just follow both sets of guidelines and attach two separate documents with your submission—your chapbook manuscript AND your 5-7 pieces to be considered for the next multi-writer project. Visit http://www.bloodyooze.blogspot.com/ (and scroll dowbn a few entries) to view the guidelines for the multi-writer project and please feel free to let me know if you have questions about either set of guidelines.

Juliet Cook, editor, Blood Pudding Press

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