Spider Veins & Myna Birds

The next peculiar print publication from Blood Pudding Press is plotting to be published in March and shall be named SPIDER VEIN IMPASTO.

I am quite excited to announce the final lineup of bloody, spidery, artsy, googly little innards for this publication and they are as follows:Adam Fieled, Andrew Lundwall, Aunia Kahn, Brooklyn Copeland, Candice Rice, Cheryl Townsend, Gina Abelkop, Jenny Sadre-Orafai, John Rocco, Juliet Cook, Letizia Merello, Melissa Culbertson, Nathan Logan, Nicole Cartwright Denison, Peg Duthie, Sharon Zetter, Susan Slaviero, & Suzanne Savickas. With cover art by Dan Ruhrmanty.

I am almost salivating and may drool when I start manipulating the ribbonry.

As if this announcement is not entrancing enough, guess what?

Blood Pudding Press has a spooky little sister.

Her name is Thirteen Myna Birds and she is accepting submissions starting now:


Submissions are still being accepted for the Blood Pudding Press chapbook contest, too.

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