Blood Pudding Press chapbook contest results

winner (to be published in May)-- Lisa Ciccarrello— ‘At night, the dead:’

winner (to be published in July)—Dana Guthrie Martin—‘the spare room’


1st runner up—Nicole Steinberg—‘Undressing’

2nd runner up—Donald Dunbar—‘No One Wants to Help You Forever’

3rd runner up—John Rocco—‘King Rat’


Honorable Mentions—

Josh Olsen—‘On a train back to Michigan’

Aimee Delong—‘Who Wants Me?’

Kara Dorris— ‘A phobia of dying if motion stops’

Nicole Cartwright Denison—‘Captivity’

Kristen Orser— ‘RIBBON TOOTH’

j/j hastain— ‘sultry rhapsodies of vigor’

Cathleen Richardson Bailey—‘The Noise Smiles Lack’

Kenneth Pobo— ‘TOXIC HEAVEN’

Ryan Bradley—‘The Webcam Starlet’

Jeff Kass— ‘How To Rock A Hooded Sweatshirt’

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