small press tidbits

Last evening, I received the fantastic news that my chapbook manuscript 'Tongue Like a Stinger' will be published online this spring by Wheelhouse chapbook series & press. Hurrah!

This got me to thinking about how it wasn't until after I started Blood Pudding Press that I also began to expeience more success with other small presses, which I think is mainly because Blood Pudding Press gave me an itty bitty bit more visibility on the literary scene and also offered me more opportunity for more interactions and connections with other poets (most especially as a result of the Blood Pudding Press multi-writer projects).

I started Blood Pudding Press towards the end of 2006 and for my first project, I self-published my own first poetry chapbook ('The Laura Poems'). I self-published another poetry chapbook in mid-2007 ('Girl Gang') and then another at the very beginning of 2008 ('Planchette').

By that time, Blood Pudding Press was already picking up some significant momentum (2008 ended up being a very busy and productive year for the press) and I was already starting to think that I would prefer to focus on the work of other writers with Blood Pudding Press--but I also still had quite a few of my own projects that I desired to have published, so I started sending those out to other small presses more consistently. Thus, 2008 saw not only the publication of quite a few Blood Pudding Press projects, but also the publication of my first print chapbook from another press ('Gingerbread Girl' published by Trainwreck Press), as well as my first online chapbook from another press ('PROJECTILE VOMIT', published by Scantily Clad Press).

Now, in the wake of this wonderful news from Wheelhouse, I have three chapbooks in the works for 2009--MONDO CRAMPO, a print chapbook via the dusie kollektiv 3, which should be available in mere days--PINK LEOTARD & SHOCK COLLAR, to be published this spring by the new Spooky Girlfriend Press--and now 'Tongue like a Stinger' through Wheelhouse.

I am very excited about all of these impending publications, not only because my creative work has found some good homes and will be released into the world, but all because it frees up limited Blood Pudding Press resources to focus on other writers and projects.

Speaking of which, just because Blood Pudding Press has not published a new chapbook in several months now, don't go thinking I've abandoned the barnacle-encrusted, slime-oozing ship. The next multi-writer project, SPIDER VEIN IMPASTO, is very much in the works--AND the winners of the first Blood Pudding Press chapbook contest will be announced very soon.

Also, Thirteen Myna Birds, the new online outcropping of Blood Pudding Press, is accepting submissions on a rolling basis.

Speaking of which, it is almost time for a new flight formation.

Viva la small press publishing!


Bridal Magic said...

Congrats on your success!

Juliet Blood Pudding said...

Thanks Cassandra!

As for you, DogLover, perhaps a Shock Collar would be an effective way to treat you--or improve your reading comprehension.