orange alert--Blood Pudding Press interview

The fantabulous and mixed media-licious 'What to Wear During an Orange Alert' website is now offering a small interview with me, focusing on Blood Pudding Press, DIY publishing, social marketing, the publication of my first full-length poetry collection, and more.

Partake or be boiled down into orange jam.



And then if you're still in the mood to read more about DIY poetry publishing, check out my article here, pretty please with sugar on top and a heaping helping of sweet fallopian tubes:


(I'm currently seeking the voices of more women of color who are poetry editors/publishers, because I am revamping this article to be submitted to a certain feminist magazine this summer. If interested in contributing your voice, please feel free to get in touch. Thank you very much.)


weekend update--

Here's another new interview with me, this one somewhat more random (conducted by Ryan Manning on Thunk; it's fun to read some of the plethora of writer interviews he's done):


Also, this is the last weekend for the Blood Pudding Press poetry sale:


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