exciting news tidbit--is there pig in frosting?

Actually, it's more than a tidbit or at least it feels so to me.

I'm not in a good place to elaborate much now (my head has been aching all day, which is quite unrelated to the news tidbit), but I can't resist at least making mention.

Another young, independent press, the very appealing Slash Pine Press, has chosen to publish my chapbook manuscript FONDANT PIG ANGST! I'm very excited by this news!

I submitted this manuscript to them during their June Open Reading Period; a few weeks back, they listed the titles of the finalist manuscripts and I was delighted and honored to see my title on the list.

Now I've found out that my manuscript is one of only two chosen to be published during their 2009-2010 season. Wow!

Read the announcement on the Slash Pine Press blog:



While you're the Slash Pine blog, check out some other entires, too; they have a really nifty hike/poetry reading even in the works, for example.

Also, I really like their Mission Statement (part of the reason I submitted my manuscript there): "Slash Pine Press locates itself as an intellectual space where forms and intuitions make writing a process of risk and otherness. Neither cynical nor rhetorically meek, the work is concerned with but not limited by the map; its logic is global, written against the grain of history and biography."

My favorite part is "a process of risk and otherness".


In much less delightful and far more annoying news, I had to remove the Site Meters from all my blogs the other day, due to some new cookie issue I was having with Site Meter (kept getting redirected to Google Image search with my blog url suddenly preceded by dgspecificlick or something like that). Would anyone like to recommend another free stat counter?

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