Juliet Cook poetry reading

Update: I posted some video footage from Wednesday's reading at my DOPPELGANGRENE blog, plus some photos on my Facebook, if anyone is interested. J.C.


I have not participated in a poetry reading for several years, but I have one coming up a little later this month--the evening of Wednesday October 14 from 7-9 at Mac's, an indie bookstore in the Coventry area of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Mark your calendars if so inclined.

In addition to me, the three other featured readers will be Michael Bernstein, Suzanne Savickas, and Josh Sebrasky, plus there will be an Open Mic.

What does this have to do with Blood Pudding Press news? Well, it's indirectly related in that I am the editor of Blood Pudding Press--Suzanne has been published in the Blood Pudding Press project, ECTOPLASMIC NECROPOLIS, as well as on Thirteen Myna Birds, plus she's the founder & editor of her own small press, Le Pink-Elephant Press--and hello , it's an indie poetry reading.

So if you live near Cleveland and like me, please consider coming out and meeting me and listening to some poetry.

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