Blood Pudding Press in The Outer Belt & beyond!

I wrote an article about DIY Publishing and Blood Pudding Press for local Columbus, Ohio based ezine, 'The Outer Belt'; please feel free to check it out on pages 16-18 of the issue. I also contributed a piece about sponsoring a local independent horror film (BREAK by CutThroat Entertainment), which you can partake of via pages 30-31 of the same issue:


Stay tuned for another DIY Publishing article, focusing on feminist poetry publishing, and featuring various small presses, in an upcoming issue of make/shift magazine.

Blood Pudding Press is currently in the process of printing out the innards of the next print chapbook--'The Spare Room' by Dana Guthrie Martin. Coming soon. After that project reaches fruition, I will be focusing my publishing energies on my participation in the dusie kollektiv 4.

Meanwhile, I continue to read submissions for and update the blog-style literary magazine, Thirteen Myna Birds; just scroll down to the last few entries here for the last few links.

If you're interested in news tidbits including my own recently published poems, check out my personal/poetry blog, DOPPELGANGRENE, via the handy dandy right sidebar link. Lots of other nifty links to play around with thereabouts, too. And my own very latest poetry chapbook, FONDANT PIG ANGST, to be published by Slash Pine Press in mere months, is currently in production. Hurrah!


Monday update: Even more Blood Pudding Press (and small press galore) goodness! Amongst various other small press editors/publishers, I participated in a roundtable discussion about chapbook publishing and related matters, which is now published at The Chapbook Review:


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