Thirteen Myna Birds is wrapping up 2009 with a bloody, frosting-y razzle dazzle bang, with the APOCALYPTIC HOLIDAY SPAWN ISSUE. This hideously delicious mutant entity features poetry by David Wolach as the sodden bread for an oozilcious Apocalypse Cakes sandwich!

Poetry, blood, fallen angels, tainted feathers, and perversely festive fruitcake are among the bounty of grotesque offerings at this holiday banquet. Oh, my stomach!

If you like the Apcocalypse Cakes you ravenous slut, you can actually buy the recipe cards and bake them yourselves; just click the link below to visit the Apocalypse Cakes etsy shop:


As for Wolach's poetry, if you'd like to consume some more of that, word on the street is he has three books coming out in 2010. 'The Cutting Room' , from which two of the poems on Thirteen are taken, will be published by Differentia Press.

Thirteen Myna Birds will return with fresh baked content in 2010, too; submissions are always welcome.

Until then, enjoy the apocalyptic holiday feast at http://13myna.blogspot.com/


P.S. Another Best of 2009 list aka some of my favorite poetry chapbooks and books of the year:


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