Thirteen Myna Birds-Fifty Sixth Flight Formation



Also, here's a little snippet re: submitting to Thirteen Myna Birds. I'm a rather fickle sort, so my thoughts on this matter might diverge in the future, but here are some thoughts for right now. I am desirous of more creative material to consider from those of the female and/or queer and/or juicy and/or twisty persuasions. I get too much crusty straight male poetry. I'm looking for juicy moreso than crusty, especially fake crusty. You know what I mean by fake crusty? I'll tell you. It's like you're some college student guy in your early twenties and you're writing Bukowski impersonations about your hard knock life when you should actually be putting on a belly shirt and doing a little dance. I mean I want YOUR voice; not some crusty old man's voice (unless you actually ARE a crusty old curmudgeon, in which case, that's a little different, but I would like the poetry to be different, too, pretty please). So check out my guidelines at http://13myna.blogspot.com and if you think you have something that might interest me, then feel free to submit.

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