Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary (and Poetry)

Today is the 20th Anniversary of Twin Peaks, the oddly darkly deliciously delightful TV show (and movies) by David Lynch. Twin Peaks was my favorite TV show ever, I adored it, and it had a wondrous impact upon my creativity, especially poetry.

In fact, I started writing many Twin Peaks inspired poems when I was in college--and many years later, even though this poems no longer seemed very good, strong, or interesting to me, I couldn't make myself throw them away, due to my memories. Boy am I glad I didn't, because years later, in late 2006, I inspiredly re-wrote them and was then so inspired to publish them in a unique chapbook that I started Blood Pudding Press!

Yes, my very first publication for Blood Pudding Press was my own Twin Peaks inspired chapbook called The Laura Poems.

Find out more about the Laura Poems in the Blood Pudding Press etsy shop here:

Read a little article of mine about Twin Peaks at my Associated Content site here:

Finally, enjoy a few photos:

P.S. Speaking of photos, the image that appears on top of my online poetry publishing site, Thirteen Myna Birds, also happens to be from Twin Peaks! Check it out at http://13myna.blogspot.com

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