Lovely Little Soft Foam Review

I just read this wonderful little review of my poetry chapbook 'Soft Foam' (the latest Juliet Cook poetry chapbook, published by Blood Pudding Press as part of the Dusie Kollektiv 4), written by delicious fellow poet, Margaret Bashaar on her blog 'Plucked From Ogygia':

"Soft Foam by Juliet Cook (Blood Pudding Press, 2010) Before you even read this (tiny) review, I need you to go purchase this chapbook. Immediately. I'll wait. Okay. I am going to go ahead and assume you did as you were instructed, and now I'll tell you why. From the very first poem, Semi-Extraneous Consort, I knew I was going to adore this chapbook. I think, sometimes, that Juliet (or at least the persona Juliet writes in) and I have some of the same neurosis. I feel like she gets me and all the fucked up little things that go through my head. Much of this chapbook is a meditation on life and death - particularly that of of the speaker's husband's previous wife, who, it is revealed in the chapbook, has died. I, too, am my husband's second wife, and while his previous wife is not dead... when we first got together it felt different from him just having ex girlfriends. I feel like Juliet has an acute understanding of this and paints this relationship that her speaker has with her husband's dead first wife in such a painfully beautiful way that I couldn't put the chapbook down. I had some serious "goddamn! I want to write like this!" moments while reading Soft Foam. All the poems were, as I've now come to expect from Juliet, a treat to read aloud. I had some serious fun while elliptical-ing. Add in some creepy/lovely sea creatures, and you have my favorite chapbook I've read so far this year, hands down."

Yay! I am so very delighted by her review! Thank you Margaret!

If you are interested in purchasing this chapbook for yourself, per Margaret's suggestion, it is indeed still available from Blood Pudding Press at http://www.BloodPuddingPress.etsy.com/


ALSO, speaking of Margaret Bashaar, I am going to be involved with the next poetry reading/unique special event called 'TypewriterGirls Gone Furry' later this month (on June 25). Find out more about THAT, here: http://typewritergirls.net/ .


ALSO, speaking of Blood Pudding Press, a NEW poetry chapbook called 'Angel Face Trailer' will be coming soon. Scroll down for a tasty sneak peak...

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