MACAROON MOVIE PREVIEW - a poetry reading

Please feel free to partake of this scrumptious little live reading of the poem 'MACAROON MOVIE PREVIEW' by Juliet Cook. This poem is part of a coming-soon chapbook by Blood Pudding Press, to be published later in June.

The chapbook is called ANGEL FACE TRAILER and will feature hideously creepy poems by Juliet Cook along with darkly deliciously unique Italian translations by Letizia Merello.

Please feel free to also look/listen to this poem's Italian translation, read live by yummy Letizia Merello, here: http://corpovalvola.blogspot.com/ !


Otherwise known as Angel Face Trailer.
We need a few handfuls of height/weight proportionate females
weighing in at 130 pounds or less to just stand around
on men’s stomachs, feet sinking into the flesh.
Uncooked dough. Sprinkles. A dark cordial, the cherry floating
could be a bambi heart under blue light. Silky track
jacket. Satiny gym shorts. We need a few females to do their hair
like Farrah Fawcett when she was an angel. Hot rollers,
sponge rollers, long tube socks with candy stripes.

We need to see the little piggies literally sink
into the flesh. We mean wiggle and then disappear.

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