Newly Updated Thirteen Myna Birds

Inlcuding poems by Micah Freeman, John Rocco, James Valvis, Phylinda Moore, Stephanie Wytovich, & Daniel Snethen.

zombie jewel motherfuck Nightmare. creeping slaughterhouse cockroach.
dashed between dumped words. ragged rock rubs raw. brain transmitters.
grayscale sparkles.


(Poems are now being read and considered for the Halloweenish issue late next month; check out the guidelines below the poems and feel free to send a darkly delicious submission my way soon. Slurp! Zombie-fied Juliet Cook.)

P.S. Aside from the content (which will be some people's style but not other people's style and I don't really care) does anyone have trouble reading Thirteen Myna Birds because of it's color or font size? Feel free to let me know; because if several people do, then I will consider redesigning the site. I chose the current color and size because they work for me, but other things could work for me too...

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