New Thirteen Myna Birds Wings

Get underneath the new wings of Thirteen Myna Birds.

Poems by Neil Kelly, Mather Schneider, Stephanie Bryant Anderson, Stephen Caratzas, M.P. Powers, Daniel G. Snethen, & John Rocco - & an art video made by Karen Mary for the PJ Harvey song 'The Devil'.

“Crayons melt on radiators of rock - and echo under the domed porticoes - with the stick-ends of their hearts - pretend she is a mermaid – The Devil - with pterodactyls and Flash Gordon space ships whizzing by in faded black and white - I couldn't get my dick up in the air last night - Yet here is where my heartwaves flame - A chill rain, a low dark - Sandpaper lips brushing mine - The world a gyroscope - Spinning orange and black - the only place to go to survive - Her kiss left burns of fire with hypnotic gleam - A powerful rain came down after the crows left.”


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