New SEVENTEEN Myna Birds!

Beware the Ides of March, the Ides of Morph, a darkly delicious concoction in which Thirteen temporarily morphs into Seventeen Myna Birds!

A hauntingly sexy assortment of scrumptious goodies and horror by the likes of Molly Curtis, Corey Mesler, John Grey, Daniel G. Snethen, Joseph Harker, Trisha Low, & Stephen Caratzas.

Partake of these creatures' works here! http://13myna.blogspot.com

Then feel free to submit to other updates in the future (the issue after this one will go back to just Thirteen new editions - two of those are MORE pieces by the above named Joseph Harker and Trisha Low - eleven of them are still open) and/or invite your friends to submit.

Below are a couple little slivers created from the current issue, pilfering and fusing tidbits from all of the new Seventeen Myna Birds creatures. Slurp.

"creatures bucked off at awful angles / music latticing the night / small, humming, lucent / golden cobwebs / spirits flanking spirits / lips stained mauve / savage orange glow / sticky sweetness / salty starvation / treacherous fashion"

"ink in my veins / open up like a ghostflower / long, slow nerve / mortifications of the flesh / the slits of her gums / have you been snorting buttercream? / the new, the dark, the glorious"

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