Thirteen Designer Vaginas (a meatier variety of snapdragon)

Another wonderous new small press called Hyacinth Girl Press has published there very first poetry chapbook - and that chapbook is Juliet Cook's Thirteen Designer Vaginas.

It was the browsing of vaginal rejuvenation sites that inspired her to start writing her designer vagina poems. She got grossed out by the photos and medical notations and wondered what the heck she was looking for and then realized that she was conducting "poetry research"!

Don't you want to delve into some scrumdilicious pussy poems?

Snip snip pivot! Vaginatical! Va Va Voom!

Read a sneak peak snippet below; partake of a cover image; and then purchase your own new vaginas via another bit of linkage underneath!

My pink scalloped lips part, a meatier variety
of snapdragon. A strange but effective treatment
is meat tenderizer. Then I’m so deliciously numb,
it’s like tying phantom limbs to four horses & performing
surgery, as an audience applauds those delicately trembling lobes.

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