13 Myna Birds invades the haunted hotel!

Featuring darkly delicious offerings by Margaret Bashaar, Kevin Ross, James Valvis, Jessy Randall, Daniel Shapiro, Sean Ulman, Suzie DeGrasse, Deidre Elizabeth, & M.P. Powers in a portal of haunted infestation and delight.

Here is a fusion/infusion of snippets from some of the pieces within:

"wormwood eating itself - eating its own heart - casting spells - a small, squirming - intestines like rosaries - shot through the left scapula - then through the heart - slashed deep enough to cut - from drop to drop - no longer spending my days inside triangles - collective delirium - catch on fire - teeth gleaming"

And here is a link to the site:



This particular Thirteen Myna Birds update is partially in honor of the new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "LETTERS FROM ROOM 27 OF THE GRAND MIDWAY HOTEL" by Margaret Bashaar; her featured poem is a teaser from that very chapbook, as is the darkly delicious photo art by Kevin Ross.

Partake of more details about that new chapbook and consider purchasing a copy from the Blood Pudding Press etsy shop here:


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