Blood Pudding Press Notes/Thirteen Myna Birds Notes

Blood Pudding Press is not currently accepting poetry chapbook manuscripts and will not be for the rest of 2011. Take a look on this site from time to time to find out when submissions might be accepted again.

Meanwhile, partake of Blood Pudding Press offerings within the press's etsy shop here, including the very latest chapbook, published just last month, 'Letters From Room 27 of the Grand Midway Hotel' by Margaret Bashaar.



Blood Pudding Press's spooky little sister, the online blog style lit. mag. Thirteen Myna Birds took an itty-bitty-break in September (primarily due to the editor suddenly/unexpectedly losing her Bust email account, from where she received/read/accepted or rejected/& responded to submissions) - but is now accepting submissions for the Halloweeny October offering.

The new submissions email account is now Julietcoo@gmail.com.

Feel free to submit; mid to late October shall be offering a delicious Halloween feast!


Unknown said...

I forwarded my submission to you!

Juliet Blood Pudding said...

Oh yay! Thank you very much Kari! I checked that email, saw it, and will read and respond semi-soon. (I'll also remove your name from this blog post).