NEW Review of the Blood Pudding Press chapbook 'LETTERS FROM ROOM 27...' by Margaret Bashaar

The first review of the latest Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook - LETTERS FROM ROOM 27 OF THE GRAND MIDWAY HOTEL by Margaret Bashaar - reviewed by Burning River!

Here is a snippet - "What fascinates me about this collection and why you should pick it up are two things. There is the voice and writing of Margaret riding that razor line describing the world in three parts: the way we want it, the way it really is, and then what the omniscient say it is. But then there is the concept of the book itself. It is built like a haunted room of an old hotel."

Read the review in its entirety here:http://burningriver.info/?p=1501

Partake of/purchase the book for yourself here - and prepare to be poetically haunted:

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