A few notes related to Blood Pudding Press

Poems are often smaller than fiction or full-length quantity innards, but tend to be more intense and powerful, in word style oriented ways and emotionally speaking. A smaller, artsy hand-designed size for vaster mentally linked force fields creates an intense fusion, brimming with uniquely unusual powers.

Poems can be interpreted very differently by different readers; which makes the chapbook design process quite interesting. Poetry often relates to emotions, feelings, or other sorts of oddly intrinsic details, and sometimes tends to elicit visual sensations and artistic imagery within my brain.

Since the poets I choose to publish are poets whose work fits my style and sensibilities and whose poetry I feel strongly about, the publishing process tends to work well. If I published poetry that was not my style, that would be a lot tougher and less enjoyable and less passion-inducing and what would be the point of that?

There are so many different styles of poetry and poetry publishers, but I think most poets have poet friends, if not in person, ONLINE poet friends, and since some of your poet friends probably share stylistic similarities with you in terms of the kind of art they like and the kind of content that interests them, you're likely to receive hints and linkage that way.

Print publications can be a bit trickier than online publications in that you can conduct a lot of content oriented advance research of online publications, whereas with print ones, you can probably just see cover photos until you buy a chap or two - and you probably don't want to submit to a source whose style is not yours, both visually and content-wise.

Still though, a small press that would be a good fit for your stylistics has probably published a couple other poets you like and thus you can purchase a few of their chapbooks and/or trust them - or you can just take an interesting semi-risk.

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