New Thirteen Myna Birds update

the heart mutates - its bioluminescent veil - blooms with thumbnails - bruised, white-belly body - swing my legs over the edge

New(ly updated) Thirteen Myna Birds flock - http://13myna.blogspot.com/!

New poems by Joseph Harker, Rachel M. Newlon , Letitia Trent, & Holly Day.

(Older pieces still remaining from Paige Theriot, Sean McPherson, Adam Fieled, Michael Lee Johnson, & Misti Rainwater-Lites.)

Also, as of right now I have seven darkly delicious slots still open for the mid-October Halloween rendition of the hideous haunted Myna Birds flock. Delve in, dive in, and/or submit. (I like it even darker than usual for the October rendition of the flock and if you whirl your stuff my way, you'll either be accepted or rejected - and hell, aren't we all?)

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