Juliet Cook's latest chapbook created into a mini-book by Elieen Tabios/Sit With Moi!

Juliet Cook's  POISONOUS BEAUTYSKULL LOLLIPOP poetry chapbook, recently published by Grey Book Press, has now been designed into an awesomely artsy mini-book, published by Grey Book Press-ish (created by Eileen Tabios/Sit With Moi!)

Here is part of it - 

"While I was cutting the envelope, my eyes caught the nearby juxtaposition of the front cover of Juliet's chap with the advertisement of the art exhibit featuring the brilliant Alberto Giacometti sculpture, Femme debout (Annette).  I thought that the shape of the skull and the shape of the sculpture were similar:

So I decided to cut up the image of Femme debout (Annette) and use it as interior illustrations for the mini-book:

Check out the rest of this awesome creative tidbit here:


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