Poking through the Fabric of the Light that Formed Us: Songs and Stories to Read in the Mirror by Lora Bloom

“I am a broken glass sculpture
Shattered on the verge of a twisted lightbulb
Popping and sputtering filaments
Molded with cements
Infected stitches and shining shards
Randomly catch the sun”

(from Unanswered Question by Lora Bloom)

Blood Pudding Press is delighted to announce its second contest winning poetry chapbook of 2013, “Poking through the Fabric of the Light that Formed Us: Songs and Stories to Read in the Mirror”, with cover art including a uniquely gorgeous painting, “SummerLoveTangle” by Blueberrycrush (blueberrycrush.yolasite.com) and innards filled with fifteen poems by Lora Bloom.

Each chapbook is hand-bound with slightly furry binding threads and when you open the collection, Lora Bloom’s poetry is brimming with mind and body and blood based performance art spewed out and arranged into powerful words, sometimes dreamy sweet, sometimes dreamy scary, sometimes a one-of-kind fusion mix ensemble.

You know you want to peek and poke and prod into this unique realm of peculiar arrangements, such as “my other half of the best friend necklace / cracked somehow wrong” (from Bloom’s “Mused”).  

You know you want to take a closer look “behind my plastic smile / the frozen, blistered grimace” (from Bloom’s “Clown Girl”).

The chapbook can be purchased from the Blood Pudding Press etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress and can also be purchased directly from poet Lora Bloom, who is planning to host a special release party/performance event in Philadelphia sometime in March.  Stay tuned for more information on that timing and other details via the Blood Pudding Press blog.

(Feel free to contact Blood Pudding Press editor/poet, Juliet Cook for specific questions or review copies.)

Best, Blood Pudding Press

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