lots of little poetry portals

"I don't think poetry can be "found" by picking up a rock or a dead bird off the ground and simply calling it poetry and that's IT - but I do think poetry/art can be unexpectedly yet significantly inspired by such findings. For me, something about the visual imagery of bird fetuses and the thoughts then provoked in my mind can stimulate poetry/art. Same with other sorts of small things that many people would overlook and/or would find unworthy of much consideration and/or would find grossly unappealing. The tendency to ignore things like that makes me wonder WHY. Is it because of being easily grossed out? Is it because small odd things are inconsequential to the mainstream? Is it because of fear of death, fear of demise, fear of being crushed by something larger, fear of non-existence?"

A snippet from an interview with Blood Pudding Press editor Juliet Cook (about dead birds, art, poetry, publishing and more), which appears within the new issue of Sein und Werden, here - http://www.kissthewitch.co.uk/seinundwerden/summer13/index.html

The interview also brings up Cook's recent collaborative work with Robert Cole – and a collaborative poem by the two of them, “Churning Codex Portal”, appears in this issue of Sein as well. 

“Churning Codex Portal” is a poem from their collaborative chapbook, “Mutant Neuron Codex Swarm”, chosen to be published by Hyacinth Girl Press in 2014.

A few more poems from that chapbook are soon to appear online within “Black Heart Magazine” and “Menacing Hedge” (via which you will be able to hear them read some of the poems too).

Also  a new individual poem by Juliet Cook is coming soon from POETSARTISTS (The Social Portrait). 

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