New Poetry News!

This coming Saturday, July 20, 7:00 PM at East End Book Exchange (in Pittsburgh, PA), Juliet Cook will be part of a Hyacinth Girl Press poetry reading – also featuring readings by Sally Rosen Kindred, Daniel M. Shapiro, and one or two others TBA.


Speaking of Hyacinth Girl Press (which published Juliet Cook's poetry chapbook, Thirteen Designer Vaginas in 2011 – it is now official (in a darkly delicious sort of way) that press has accepted another chapbook of Cook's for publication in their 4th year – MUTANT NEURON CODEX SWARM, a collection of collaboration by Juliet Cook and Robert Cole, coming your way in 2014!

Cook is very excited and delighted to be a part of this group of five women and three men, in Hyacinth Girl Press’s 4th year of publication:

Lisa Marie Basile - war/lock
Dan Nowak - the hows and whys of my failures
Caitlin Elizabeth Jans - Incident Reports 
Amorak Huey - The Insomniac Circus 
Risa Denenberg - blinded by clouds 
Juliet Cook and Robert Cole - Mutant Neuron Codex Swarm 
Laura Madeline Wiseman - His Late Wives

You can find out more about all of us at the Hyacinth Girl Press website here:


Speaking of 2014 excitement, I don't usually like to focus on feeling overly excited about things way in advance, because then my excitement tends to lead towards unfocused freaked out nerve blobs, making it harder to concentrate on the here and now - BUT having said that, I will make a little exception for a few minutes here. 

I'm pretty darn excited that 2014 will be MY FIRST TIME EVER ATTENDING AWP AND HAVING A TABLE THERE - and sharing table space and poetry love with a number of other extra-special poetry women. My Blood Pudding Press with The Rooster Moans splitting table T3 – Hyacinth Girl Press with Menacing Hedge splitting table T4 – Dancing Girl Press with Misty Publications splitting table T5! YAY!

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