NEW Thirteen Myna Birds flock - blood spangled glitter heart yelp

A New Thirteen Myna Birds flock, offering work by Jay Sizemore, Carol Peters, Bekah Steimel, Kristine Snodgrass & Scott Sweeney, Roberta Chloe Verdant, Gary Glauber, John Landry, and PC Vandall is here! - http://13myna.blogspot.com/

"angry as neglected volcanoes - how my heart used to pound - what failure felt like - ornamental gardens with broken statuary - make your skin a diary - deep affection, dark memories - you see pink and she hears red - raw and bloody - a coyote pack’s yelp - dancing on a light beam - blood spangled glitter - blue cake icing"


Also the Myna Birds are currently accepting submissions for our next Halloween-esque update. 

The work you submit does not have to be specifically inspired by or focused upon Halloween, but rather on the dark side in one way or another.

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