NEW Thirteen Myna Birds brimming with dying deer, dark birds, and other twisted creatures

Newly updated Thirteen Myna Birds flock, offering even more hideously awesome innards than usual - this time it includes a flock of SEVENTEEN! 

"To give oneself up one must have a self - from the belly feathers - vocal chords, bleating - eating all in its path - patches of mud or pale disintegration - mangled bird in his hands - dread is a skull - pumping your chest - the blood boiling fever - Skin sloughs off - It smothers the airy colors - but I know how to rise - Gleaming spider webs of poison filled spit"

Seven poems by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens (from her chapbook "EveryHerDies", forthcoming from Emerge Literary Journal Publications) and poems by Kathleen Kirk, Jason Fisk, Annette Marie Hyder, Bekah Steimel, and John Grey.

Here - http://13myna.blogspot.com/

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