Happy Halloween from Thirteen Myna Birds!

The new Halloween addition of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived to surge into your brain stem!
The new flock offers creepy, haunted, disconcerting innards by Hannah E. Phinney, Joris Soeding, Madelyn Falk, Paul Tristram, Changming Yuan, Daniel Snethen, Charles Cicirella, and Michael Farkas here! - http://13myna.blogspot.com/
"the worms rolling through the gravel - crawled through with demons - stomach punched in - blood of the chicken falls on a wooden box - after cutting out my tongue - you have chopped off every head - blood rose from the nail bed - a man’s arms and legs shudder - a wheel derail - brains extracted - cremated so I don’t feel trapped underground like a zombie"

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