Happy Holidays from Thirteen Myna Birds!

Happy Holidays brimming with darkly delicious stuffing and broken wish bones from Thirteen Myna Birds!
At the top of the flock are all new offerings by Mitchell Krockmalnick Grabois, Mercedes Webb-Pullman, Dean Knight, Paul Tristram and Daniel Snethen. At the bottom of the flock older pieces still remain from Hannah E. Phinney and Joris Soeding.
"I am a horror film - even the letter O can be beaten - goons hit me with a digital night stick, sprayed my face with digital mace - become vicious - snapped off their noses and eyelashes - Her face breaks more - a massive crack in the middle of it - It looks like it is falling off - too tall for the front door - There’s too much in her face for me to wake up to - don’t know what rain is but I think it’s like crying."

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