New Interview with Blood Pudding Press poet Matthew J. Hall at Blot Lit

"The pigeons in my chapbook Pigeons and Peace Doves are – at least in part – a representation of trying to adjust to city life and dealing with the dark and ugly parts of life, in general. City pigeons are often referred to as flying rats because of their parasitic nature and disease spreading potential; but they are only like that as a consequence of the way urban culture functions. They are dirty because built up areas are dirty places to live. They are parasitic because we are wasteful. They often have missing feet, contorted legs or some other disfiguration because urban life is aggressive, self-serving and fast. I relate to these pigeons, yet I am disgusted by them, which is the other part of what they represent in this collection; my own contradictions, anxieties, depressions..."
From a new Interview with Blood Pudding Press poet, Matthew J. Hall up at Blot Lit.
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