New Thirteen Myna Birds flock!

The new Thirteen Myna Birds flock has arrived!
With new offerings by Darla Mottram - Jacklyn Janeksela - Jennifer Lothrigel - Darren C. Demaree - John Thomas Allen - Martin Willitts Jr. - and a few peculiar creatures by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens still creeping out from under the bed at the bottom.
"the contrary is carved in skin - two hieroglyphic lines slanted sideways - flame spree of screams ring - in the bathroom with a kitchen knife - it is an eye cut open & left for dead - all small voices are never heard - I chase the voices - try to cut loneliness with scissors - I can still remember the tiny shudder - asterisk stars blown from smoking lip gloss tubes - trickling down the hallway, a heart or a beast - the swirling cloud, the unsettled dust - trample a seed if it escapes"

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