Happy April! A strange new spring flock of Myna Birds has arrived!

Dive into the stream of a strange spring break inside the new April edition of Thirteen Myna Birds - with three new poems by Rehan Qayoom - three new poems by Tammy Robacker - and three new poems by Laurie Kolp (and older poems by Darla Mottram and Jacklyn Janeksela still remaining within the flock)!
"The glossaries of the paths - Upon which my words take me - eternally forward - in the pool - Defibrillate me, open - my heart on a table of sand - the crop of sinners is ripe once again - just a bone cage - watch the curled shavings - drop in street gutters - ill, nude dollies and all - Their turtle-mark parts - A totally alien tongue - Let erosion sink in while spume foams - bubbles at the mouth of your shore - A star will unwind itself upon the horizon"

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