The NEW June flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived!

Yes the June installation of Thirteen Myna Birds has now arrived and it is brimming with a delightful and hideous assortment of life and death and human and non-human creations by Victor Clevenger - Sarah Frances Moran - Martin Willitts Jr. - John Allen - Robert Beveridge - Lorraine Cipriano - Thomas Zimmerman - and Jen Stein taking it all the way down to the squeamishly creepy bottom of the pack. 
"The room filled with ashes and haze - frayed feathers and faith - I dance and the moon is transfixed - until the mirror no longer showed my reflection - My sticky insides rooted - Spongy trees droop - The joy of the seasons rot - Dreams are part soiled paper and cracked egg shells - discovering not a blue but a fluorescent yellow ocean - on fire with waking dreams of life and drowning in our teeming cells - his cheeks dusking dead plums - I have lost my taste for all but this dust"
Dive in if you dare, HERE - http://13myna.blogspot.com/

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