The Halloween flock of Myna Birds has arrived!

The Halloween incarnation of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived!
I was tempted to say Happy Halloween, but it's not very happy.
It's sad, disturbing, deathly, and haunted by discomfort and fear.
New poems by Tonya Eberhard, Lorraine Cipriano, Mark Antony Rossi, Matthew Rempe, Daniel G. Snethen, Wayne F. Burke, and John Grey are HERE - http://13myna.blogspot.com/
"I am an accident creating accidents - The teeth protruding from the ground - all the way to the brain cells - A voice screaming black crows from the lungs - gears replacing both eyes and feet - language sparse and close to the bone - kills the magpie - your soul a hollow shell - the hideous wormy thing in the middle - The bloodied wig - darkened and silenced by thick green curtains."

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