Happy Horrific Holidays from Thirteen Myna Birds! (The last Myna Birds flock of 2016 is HERE!)

Happy Horrific Holidays from Thirteen Myna Birds!

Gifts of new poetry for you by Matthew Hall, Craig Firsdon, Timothy Thomas Cole, Mitch Grabois, Erin Renee Wahl, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, J.C. Mari, John Grey, and Catfish McDaris (and one older poem still remaining by Howie Good).

"We eat flames and don’t rinse - the slightest interference could potentially destroy everything - lock up your daughters - carnage comes when the creeping crescent wanes - black and white butterfly - of a dead and forgotten poet - your shine smaller - red proves the prophecy - Money is that thing that makes me special - out the windows with laughter - The gut bucket fills up immediately - Mummies are dancers - Church spires pointing toward hell - a silence like all the mouths are sewn shut "

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