NEW Winter 2017 Edition of Menacing Hedge

Three poems by Blood Pudding Press editor Juliet Cook are included within the NEW Winter 2017 Edition of Menacing Hedge.
Thank you for the creative powers of Kelly Boyker Guillemette, Gio Guillemette, Amanda Gowin, Kiara McMorris, and Menacing Hedge.
The issue - http://www.menacinghedge.com/?edition=winter2017

Juliet Cook's poems - http://www.menacinghedge.com/winter2017/entry-cook.php


My ink was too black, 
my revision grew overly stylish.
As if I was dolling up a decapitation. 
As if her head was a just a glossy little maraschino cherry
bitten off at the stem and then pitched.

(a small sampling from the poem, "Pumpkin Gut Grave") 

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