NEW! The May Myna Birds Flock Has Arrived!

The May flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived, filled with new poetry by Eileen Murphy, Alyssa Yankwitt, Darren C. Demaree, Craig Firsdon, Julie Jacob, Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe, Bob Walicki, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Wayne F. Burke, Heath Brougher, and John Grey!

"tear this website down with my teeth, find another inside of me - over the insanely sharp edge - the sheep skull knocking - always heavy with a bucketful of evil - you need a lobotomy - from the plume of exhaust - I have already been called kindling - Liquid shards of glass pierce the tongue, esophagus and comprehension - They stay away as if he’s contagious - From a bubble trapped under a fragile film blue rivulets burst forth - electrocuting his testicles many times - defining their glass heads propped on a strict spine - the cheeks doused with rouge to the point of partial red - she went up in flames, to wherever..."

HERE - http://13myna.blogspot.com/

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