New! The July Thirteen Myna Birds flock has arrived

The July flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has finally arrived, filled with wonderful new poems by Sarah Lilius, Christian Sammartino, Mohja Kahf, Eileen Murphy, Donna Dallas, Ali Jones, Natalie Crick, Sarah Valeika, and Mike Zone!

"My lungs live in a beehive - where a baby tooth has been extracted, enamel sold to a higher power - stare at the fireplace that is empty and barren, same as my head - my pelvis will substantially be involved in my getting out of bed - Congealed dirt lies on the bottom, like a thin crust of coagulated blood - you let the blood-red twinkle along into your cup - set your body to rewind, in case you miss something - I'm growing fins to swim out and meet you - I'm talking to myself again, like this tin can Telephone has the signal to reach your ears - on blankets in the darkness in the only bed we owned - The white cat lies across the flagstone path as if she owns the flagstone path - boned trees erupt Through frost skins - black skeleton branches touch out for acceptance - ready to fold—over and over - You and I aren't all closed casket memories And eulogies yet"

Dive in to the July flock HERE - https://13myna.blogspot.com/

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