The First Thirteen Myna Birds Flock of 2018 is here!

The first Thirteen Myna Birds flock of 2018 has arrived! Filled with art and poetry by Chandra Alderman, Siân Killingsworth, Robert Beveridge, Kelly Gangeness, Joe Dolsen, Kevin Ridgeway, Mike Zone, and Mish!
"I wake each morning with a painful thrill - a dead dragonfly pinned to the black felt of a shadow box - The tracks, tiny tunnels to his heart - all plugs connected to the socket - The glass eyes ready to drop out; fearful of fate - packets of white crystal neurological agents of sweetness used in civilian warfare - High voltage lines, a thousand stinging scorpions - colors bleed onto the customer’s skin - they save the world and i brood - gape gray"

HERE - https://13myna.blogspot.com/

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