The New April flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is here!

"Whether in the Black Lodge, Screaming outside - worm lips moving - I’ve earned those black hearts on my headdress - there’s been an accident on the road ahead and all you can see are the lights - You celebrate angrily - Full of nothing But male doms On FetLife - A man with tattoos of stars and moons on his face - breathless wind of dust and waning moons - Only buzzards fly in these stale skies - Rusty lava in the arteries not the lamp - I really did believe those were tiny people encased in that orb - Don't forget to celebrate this doom anniversary - the eyes of the deceased being carried away down some tunnel - Whatever it was, it was everywhere now, shared around, not just personal."
The April flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived! Brimming with strange new suns and moons and peculiar tunes of art/poetry by Eileen Mish Murphy, Wayne F. Burke, Thursday Simpson, Nate Maxson, Vin Whitman, John Grey, and Michael A. Griffith.
Keys #3 (MISH)

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