MALFORMED CONFETTI beside the author's own googly eyed doll

"The paint is flaking off my lips.
It looks like dried blood. It looks like shit.
Even my hissy fits are unglossy.
Even the doll hospital won’t touch me
no matter how I plead for them to reset my eyes.
My voice is a wan green mushy pea squishing past
these gold-shellacked wish bones I’m choking on.
These chloroform-soaked apricot cookies
with their dainty scalloped edges
and poison-saturated centers."

inside Juliet Cook's poem "Doll Head Obscenity", inside her new poetry book, "Malformed Confetti", published by Crisis Chronicles Press, October 2018.

You can acquire your own copy of Malformed Confetti from Crisis Chronicles Press, HERE -https://ccpress.blogspot.com/2018/10/Cook102.html

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