The March Flock of Myna Birds has arrived!

One day before March is upon us, the March flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived!
Offering new poetry by Chelsea Margaret Bodnar, Deirdre Gainor, Steve Sibra, Mike Croghan, Catfish McDaris, Susan Mahlburg, and Robert Okaji
two doors lead into hell - a sunken corpse lost in the darkness - a wildflower drooling blood - Dead and almost dead - A lone mouse cruised through the rooms every evening at dusk - Concealer of tinsel and convex mirrors - careless in its dips and swaggers as the voltage sang beneath and above it - did I dream there were words?- why is there an old photo in the back of my sock drawer? - whispering of the forbidden - The overgrown and tongue-speaking night - and gumbo with sweet human meat - obscure the chained dogs - the stakes were steep for me - My horoscope of dirt - Everything that we love -- it grows old, withers and dies.

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